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"WWP Decades: Return to Point Dume" - Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA

The latest WWP event Decades celebrates ten years of the World Wide Panorama organization, when every equinox and solstice photographers around the world get together and shoot panoramas during the same time frame and covering, sometimes loosely, a common thread or theme. For this event I wanted to celebrate these ten years and interpret the theme of Decades by returning to the spot where I took my first panorama for the WWP's first event in March 2004 all those years ago. That spot was at Point Dume down on the beach at Zuma Beach in Malibu, CA - a special place for me. You can find the original and another panorama from Point Dume in the link below. This latest panorama was created using LDR stitching with PTGui, which means that a few exposures in each of five directions were combined and stitched all at once to create the image you see here. Long live the WWP!!

See it in FULLSCREEN or click the arrows button in the panorama.

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Please visit our exophrenic section WWP which hosts my contributions to the World Wide Panorama events. Events are hosted by the UC Berkeley Geo-Images Project and are sponsored by the Geography Computing Facility at the University of California Berkeley.

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